Bringing American History to Life!

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Asa and the Holstein Queen, was written for young readers ages 11 and up. This historical novel follows a timeline of American history, from the Revolutionary War through World War I, as told through the experiences of author’s great-grandfather, Asa W. Morris, and his ancestors. It is essentially a “teaching” book that brings American history to life in a new way, using primary sources. It is based on a beloved family story, embellished by years of research using historical and genealogical records, newspaper archives, family diaries, and personal anecdotes. In addition, it offers original color illustrations and vintage photographs.

This book aims to awaken an appreciation for past generations of hardworking Americans like Asa Morris, who built this miraculous nation that we call home. It also teaches about our rich American agricultural heritage and the early development of dairy cattle breeding in the United States, culminating with Tilly Alcartra, the “Queen of Holsteins.” The story contains many advanced concepts and vocabulary words—explained and defined—to enlarge the scope of young readers. It is my sincere hope that it will stimulate a curiosity to learn more about the marvels of our unique American experience.

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